Uncover New Opportunities at Small Business Expo's Get Dotted® Program

Networking is the lifeblood of any entrepreneurial venture, the catalyst for new opportunities, partnerships, and paths to growth. At the heart of this endeavor lies the challenge of finding the right people to connect with—a task that can seem daunting amidst a sea of faces at a bustling expo.

Yet, imagine if you had the ability to spot your perfect networking match in an instant. What if a simple glance could tell you who shares your industry interests or who might be seeking the products or services your business offers? This is no longer the stuff of imagination but a tangible reality at Small Business Expo with our pioneering Get Dotted® program.

The Get Dotted® Color-Coded System

Our unique Get Dotted® Color Coded System is the innovative solution to the maze of networking. Upon arrival, each attendee is invited to choose a colored sticker that best represents their industry. These vibrant hues are not mere decoration but a functional tool to streamline connections. Each color corresponds to a primary industry, creating a visual shorthand that lets you find and be found by your ideal business contacts with ease.


Harness the Power of Real-Time Networking

In today’s fast-paced business environment, every second counts. This is why our Get Dotted® program includes real-time networking features. Through our mobile Event App, you can connect with fellow attendees on the go, view the show agenda, and stay updated on meet-up times and locations. It’s networking at the speed of business, ensuring you gain maximum value from every moment spent at the expo.

The Possibilities are Endless

With Get Dotted®, the possibilities for networking success are endless. Whether you’re a small business owner looking to expand your customer base, a startup seeking investors, or an established company in search of strategic partnerships, our program empowers you to make meaningful connections that can take your business to new heights.

So why leave it all up to chance? Join us at Small Business Expo and take advantage of the Get Dotted® program to unlock a world of opportunities. Whether you're a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting out, networking has never been easier.

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Four Ways Get Dotted® Boosts Your Networking Success

  1. Generate Qualified Leads: With Get Dotted®, you waste no time identifying potential leads. A quick scan of color-coded badges lets you hone in on individuals who are most likely to need your offerings or whose services are a fit for you.

  2. Find Other Attendees Fast: The traditional networking approach can be hit or miss. Our color-coded system removes the guesswork, allowing you to navigate the event with a clear target in mind.

  3. Build Your Network Efficiently: One of the greatest challenges at expos is using time effectively. Get Dotted® is designed to optimize your networking efforts, so the people you meet are more than just contacts—they're connections that matter.

  4. Meet People in Your and Other Relevant Industries: Diversification is key to business growth. While it's important to connect within your industry, Get Dotted® also encourages the exploration of cross-industry opportunities.

Industry Meet-Ups: Where Connections Are Made

Beyond the sticker system, Get Dotted® facilitates Industry Meet-Ups. These targeted sessions bring together attendees from specific sectors—as well as those looking to engage with them. It’s the perfect opportunity to deepen discussions, explore collaborative ideas, and establish relationships in a focused setting. Details of these meet-ups are conveniently available in our Event App agenda, ensuring you’re always at the right place, at the right time.

Maximize Your Expo Experience

Small Business Expo is more than an event; it's a nexus for growth-minded professionals and entrepreneurs. Our Get Dotted® system ensures that you leave the event not just with a stack of business cards but with valuable connections that align with your business goals. By facilitating quality interactions, we help you convert prospects into partners and ideas into actionable strategies.

👉Join us at Small Business Expo, get your dot, and unlock a world of potential. Future success begins with the connections we make today!