30 Snappy Workshop and Webinar Titles (And How to Create Your Own!)

The best workshop and webinar titles are like movie titles. They are catchy and compelling, making you anticipate the show that’s to come. They also significantly increase your chance of high attendance.

So how do you create a catchy workshop title? It’s not hard; there are tips and tricks you can use to create catchy professional workshop titles that grab people’s attention and make them want to attend. (Plus, we’ll include examples of some of our favorite Small Business Expo workshop titles to inspire you.)

How to Create a Catchy Professional Workshop Title

The first step in creating a title is the same first step you should use when organizing and writing out your workshop: putting yourself in your attendee’s shoes. Ask yourself, “What do they want to know? What do I want them to walk away with? What value can I offer them?” Once you’ve asked these basic questions, it’s time to use these tricks to brainstorm and generate a list with many possibilities.

  • Focus on the Benefits. Consider incorporating phrases like “learn how to” and “discover the secrets of,” which is sure to capture the reader's interest. For example, “Discover the Secrets of Instagram Marketing,” tells attendees that they are signing up to learn valuable insights that help them improve their social media engagement and get results from marketing on Instagram.
  • Use Numbers. Numbers often grab attention and make a workshop title memorable. A title with numbers is a catchy way to describe the content of your workshop and emphasize the value that attendees are sure to receive. An example could be "5 Skills to Wow Your Clients: Effective Communication Workshop for Freelancers."
  • Ask a Thought-Provoking Question. Questions strike a chord with potential attendees, especially when the question is a frequently asked question or trending in the industry. Choose questions that pique the readers' curiosity or prompt them to self-evaluate. Titles like "What's Your Limit? How to Transform Your Mindset to Achieve Your Goals" and “What Employment Solutions Provide the Best Results for Today’s Employers?” prompt the reader to reflect on their goals while simultaneously stirring their curiosity.
  • Use Humor. Humor can be a powerful tool in creating catchy titles and making your workshop more relatable. A title that makes the reader laugh can go a long way in creating a great first impression and showcases your sense of humor, giving the impression of fun and levity within the event itself. A great example of a punny title is "Make Your Mark(et): The Art of Marketing for Creative Entrepreneurs."
  • Keep it Short and Sweet. Short and simple titles are more memorable and often more valuable in conveying a message. Concise titles are easy to understand at a glance, making them a great option for those who are in an industry with a lot of events or workshops. Consider the title "Master Your Mindset," which suggests positive improvements but is a simple and direct message that encourages attendance.

30 Examples of Catchy Workshop Titles (From Small Business Expo Events)

  1. Revisiting the ERC: What You Don’t Know is Costing You
  2. Insurance-What I Wish Someone Had Told Me
  3. Powerful Tax and Accounting Strategies for Small Business Owners
  4. Optimizing Your Business with Virtual Assistants
  5. Tips and Tricks for Understanding Financial Statements
  6. Make the Most of Your Black Friday Campaigns
  7. Can You Afford to Offer Credit Terms to Customers?
  8. How to Make Your Small Business 401(K) Plan Come Alive
  9. 8 Ways to Get More B2B Leads in the Next 90 Days
  10. What is Cybersecurity?
  11. Stake Your Leadership T.E.N.T. and Quell Quiet Quitting Within 90 Days
  12. Unleash Your Inner Entrepreneurial Celebrity
  13. Scale or Fail: 5 Steps to Scaling Your Company Beyond 8-Figures
  14. How to Turn Great Customer Service into Profitability
  15. Cybersecurity: From Chaos to Compliance – Pay Now or Pay More Later!
  16. Systematic Magic: 7 Magic Keys to Disnify Your Business
  17. How to Climb Your Personal Financial Mt. Everest and Return to Base Camp Alive
  18. Discover Your Business’s Cyber Score With a Certified Security Expert
  19. Be a Profit Powerhouse: How to Shift Your Money-Making Mindset
  20. Email Marketing Made Easy: Integrating AI For Enhanced Conversions
  21. Earned Media: The Best-Kept Secret in Business
  22. Why a Budget is Stunting Your Business – From a CFO
  23. 7 Ways to Prevent Cyber Criminals From Sabotaging Your Business Growth
  24. From Dream to Profit: Creating the Custom Sales Strategy You Need
  25. Website Optimization: Get, Convert, and Profit From More Free Leads!
  26. Small But Mighty: How a Barcode Supports Your Growth
  27. Can You Survive and Thrive in the Post-Pandemic World of High-Tech Engagement?
  28. Be The Celebrity CEO: Make More Impact and Sales
  29. Thriving in Today’s Competitive Job Market: The Power of Job Ads that Stand Out to Top Talent
  30. 6 Actionable Insights to Blow Up Your Personal Brand in 2024

This list of workshop titles could go on and on; while the list is long and varied, all these titles share common elements that make them catchy. They are compelling and deliver a glimpse into the value that attendees can expect to walk away with upon completion. Fortunately, they also can be duplicated. With a little creativity, plus utilizing the strategies listed above, the right workshop and webinar titles are just a brainstorm away.

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