Orlando Small Business Expo: Great Speakers and Networking Opportunities

There is a long list of networking opportunities and educational events to look forward to at Small Business Expo Orlando: March 21, 2024.

Orlando's Inspirational Speaker Line-Up

Small Business Expo Orlando is proud to present keynote speakers Kortney Murray of Coastal Kapital and Nicole Denise of meMarketing, at their March 21 event, along with a full line-up of workshop speakers.

CEO and Founder of Coastal Kapital Kortney Murray is delivering the keynote presentation and experience, "I'll Give You Credit." Boasting a diverse entrepreneurial background, Kortney has shattered gender-related barriers in a traditionally male-dominated domain, conclusively demonstrating that success knows no gender bounds. Her accomplishments and influence have earned widespread acclaim and admiration. At the core of her mission lies the commitment to forging successful business partnerships, tackling entrepreneurial hurdles, and guiding others through the intricacies of business financing. She is actively reshaping the financing industry by revolutionizing the lending equation. 

Brand Strategist Nicole Denise Phillip is delving into tips that take a small business to the next level during her speech, "Thrive, Don't Just Survive: The Entrepreneur's Blueprint to Sustainable Success." Nicole is a highly successful entrepreneur and CEO. She is the CEO of Ministry Event Marketing (meMarketing) Brand Agency and the founder of Nicole Michelle Collection, a brand that empowers women to live boldly and freely. With her extensive experience and expertise in branding and marketing, Nicole has helped countless service-based organizations make a smooth transition from corporate life to entrepreneurship, achieve profitability, and attract the right clientele.

These event highlights are only two of the dynamic workshops offered during Small Business Expo Orlando. Attendees can expect to hear from a full line-up of professionals eager to share the information needed so business leaders can thrive in this tough business atmosphere. Topics covered include: cybersecurity, IT, finance, and marketing, as well as countless networking meet-ups and opportunities. (For a full schedule, check out the full Small Business Expo Orlando Agenda.)

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Inside Look at Technological Advancements

Keeping up with the latest technological advancements is no longer a luxury in today's rapidly evolving business landscape. It's a necessity that customers and clients demand from even small businesses.

Small Business Expo Orlando will feature vendor booths showcasing cutting-edge technologies and trends in business technology. This presents a valuable opportunity for attendees to explore new tools, software, and techniques that can streamline operations, boost productivity, and provide a competitive edge in their respective industries.

This is attendees' chance to engage with a community leading the way in business innovation. Small Business Expo in Orlando is where visionary entrepreneurs and industry pioneers come together. Being a part of this community is not just simply witnessing the evolution of business; it is actively shaping its future.

Network and Connect with the Best

Small Business Expo in Orlando serves as a vibrant hub where professionals from diverse industries converge, offering a fertile ground for cultivating enduring connections. Whether the goal is to forge alliances with peers, seek guidance from mentors, or cultivate potential clientele, the networking opportunities are boundless. Attendees can engage with like-minded individuals and industry trailblazers, which is essential in a landscape where relationships often determine the line between triumph and setback.

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Networking opportunities at Small Business Expo Orlando extend far beyond the event itself. Attendees have the chance to cultivate and grow their connections----even after the event through online platforms and community forums. This enduring network offers continuous support, mentorship, and collaboration prospects for small business owners and entrepreneurs alike.

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How to Prepare for this Signature Event

Small Business Expo was recently named to Inc.’s list of “11 Small-Business Conferences That Business Owners Shouldn't Miss”, and it's easy to see why.

There is a long list of reasons to be at Small Business Expo in 2024. Interested attendees can prepare for the event by using this checklist:

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