Boston Small Business Expo 2024: Get Ready to Grow Your Biz, Yourself, and Your Network

This year's Small Business Expo Boston focuses on growth: growing small businesses, leaders and networks. It promises to be an interactive experience with workshops, networking opportunities, and dynamic speakers!

On May 8th, Small Business Expo Boston is taking over The Westin Boston Seaport District and offering plenty of opportunities for small business leaders to grow themselves, their network, and their businesses. This focus is at the forefront of the Keynote Presentations delivered by a panel of business leaders who leveraged Amazon to grow their business and an entrepreneur featured on the television show Shark Tank. 

Grow with Captivating Insights from Keynote Speakers 

In the Small Business Expo Boston keynote presentation, "Unlock Small Business Success: Insights from Local Amazon Selling Partners," attendees can learn from two entrepreneurs' experiences growing and scaling their brands through e-commerce giant Amazon. This exclusive panel discussion, moderated by Abby Malchow, Manager of Small Business Partnerships & Education at Amazon, features two thriving Boston-based small business owners as they share their entrepreneurial journeys.

The panelists, Jennifer Ash, Ph.D, Director of MAX’IS Creations, Inc. and Angus Junkin, Founder & CEO of Garden Tutor, discuss the steps they took, the challenges they overcame, and the strategies that led to their success. They'll give tips and tricks for making the most of Amazon's suite of resources and programs and describe their journey of growth.

In his engaging presentation "From Shark Tank to Top Tycoon: Navigating the Waters of Entrepreneurship," Shark Tank alumnus Jay shares his exhilarating journey from pitching a patented beverage holding belt buckle to becoming a celebrated serial entrepreneur and author.

Jay's story is one of audacity, innovation, and strategic acumen, characteristics that propelled him through the intense scrutiny of Shark Tank and laid the groundwork for his multifaceted entrepreneurial success. His talk explores key moments of his Shark Tank experience, providing an insider’s perspective on what it takes to engage investors, captivate an audience, and turn a simple idea into a viable business venture.

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Grow with Networking Opportunities Galore

From the workshop sessions to the comprehensive tradeshow to networking sessions, attendees have so many chances to grow their networks and engage with other professionals---both within their industry and outside of it. Thousands of attendees descend on Small Business Expo Boston, all ready to exchange ideas and make meaningful connections.

Attendees can find these opportunities at every session on the Small Business Expo agenda. They can network and learn at sessions focused on marketing opportunities (such as "Automate to Captivate: Building and Engaging Your Customer Base with Marketing Automation"), protecting their business ( such as "Scam Alerts from the BBB"), growing their business ("Get the Bank to Say Yes") and finance.

In addition to networking at workshops, there are also networking sessions for industry professionals scattered throughout the day. There are also networking sessions with a fun twist: speed networking (sponsored by Comcast Business). These 45-minute sessions are "mingling in a minute" -- a chance to meet as many professionals as possible.

Get Ready to Grow 

As Benjamin Franklin said, "By failing to prepare, you're preparing to fail." Just a few minutes of preparation can help attendees make the most of every minute of Small Business Expo Boston:

  • Register!
  • Review the agenda to identify the sessions and opportunities that align with their business goals.
  • Gather all items needed for a successful Boston Small Business Expo experience, such as business cards.
  • Refine those networking skills so attendees can get the most out of every interaction during this dynamic event.
  • Decide on a plan to follow up with contacts made during Boston Small Business Expo.
  • Be ready for an enjoyable and enlightening experience!

👉Don't wait! Start your path of growth by registering for Small Business Expo Boston.