5 Social Media Content Planning Tips for Small Businesses

As a small business owner with a full list of responsibilities, social media can fall through the cracks or feel overwhelming to keep up with. If you are not in a position to hire a social media manager, you can still make it a profitable tool for your business by planning ahead!

Your social media strategy is the backbone of achieving specific business goals. This content planning translates your vision to reality more easily than trying to produce and post content on the fly.

Try these 5 tips to ramp up your social media for the rest of the year!

#1 Set your goals

Create clear and achievable goals with trackable metrics. Set 5 big picture goals for the whole year and 2-3 smaller goals per week or month.

For example, you may want to be a more visible business owner this year, so you set a smaller goal to be the face of your social media postings at least twice a week; either on the feed or in stories.

#2 Know Your Audience

You probably already know your target market but when it comes to social media, your audience does not necessarily equate to buyers. However, with the right engaging content, an audience member can quickly become a buyer.

It is important to offer your audience MORE than your product or service so they will continue to follow you. PRO TIP: People respond well to the 3 E’s: Emotion, Education, and Entertainment. Connect with your audience, educate them in relation to your business, and entertain them with funny content.

#3 Audit and identify the relevant channels

Once you understand your audience, you can pinpoint what channels are best suited for reaching them. Do some research on each social media platform to see what demographics and content types are best suited for each.

#4 Create a plan

Start by creating an overview plan that includes all of the holidays, promotions, launches, and events that are relevant to your business. Then you can break down your content plan and creation in a frequency that works for your schedule.

#5 Analyze your performance

To know what content to include in your next content plan, analyze your previous content performance. You can analyze obvious metrics like likes and comments, or you can dive deeper and see how many people visited your website or purchased your product via social media.

If you approach your social media efforts with a little more intention, you can maximize the efficiency and reach of your digital content. Set aside some time to implement these 5 tips into your next social media content planning session.

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About The Author


Bryn O’Reilly is the founder of Braven Creative, a digital marketing agency based in Nashville, TN. Bryn has been in the creative marketing industry as a freelancer and as Social Media Director at a well known agency for several years. Her education and experience in communication design makes her an expert. She and the Braven Creative team help brands thrive across all social media and marketing outlets with professional visuals, engaging copy, and high-level strategy.